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The mission of Rebuilding Together Twin Cities is to bring volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of low-income homeowners. We provide critical home repairs for homeowners in need, particularly older adults, individuals living with disabilities, families with children, and active and retired members of the armed services.  This service ensures that these homeowners live independently in safe and healthy homes. 

Our Home Repair Program provides renovation work for homeowners in need, including re-roofing, installing handicap ramps, weatherizing, plumbing, electrical repairs, cleaning, re-carpeting, patching and painting, siding, landscaping and almost anything that restores the homeowners’ independence, safety and security. Following a screen for homeowner eligibility, the selected projects are scheduled, financial and volunteer resources are assigned, and projects completed with a couple of work days. We work on multiple work sites and homes at the same time.

Our Safe at Home Program provides home safety and accessibility modifications for low-income homeowners who are older adults or are living with a disability.  Often these homeowners are faced with the prospect of losing their independence as the result of needing home safety or accessibility modifications that they are unable to address.  Projects are small in scale and are completed by two to four volunteers in about four hours. A project may include tasks such as installing grab bars, raised toilet seat adapters, handrails, door and window locks, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and more.

In addition, our Nonprofit Facility/Community Beautification Program provides renovation and beautification work for community centers, schools, supportive housing facilities and outdoor community spaces.  This program focuses on creating safe and welcoming spaces for communities to gather.

An affiliate of Rebuilding Together, Inc., Rebuilding Together Twin Cities has been preserving and revitalizing homes and communities in the metropolitan area since 1997. Our programs provide opportunities for community involvement. Through sponsors and volunteer efforts, we strive to impact communities and the nonprofit places where neighborhood members gather.


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